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Zoom Meetings for Android Change Log

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Zoom Meetings for Android, released on December 6, 2023, brings several new features and improvements:

Meeting Enhancements

  • Live captions and transcripts: Zoom now offers real-time captions and transcripts during meetings, making them more accessible for people with hearing impairments or those who prefer to follow along visually.
  • Multiple participant spotlights: You can now spotlight up to nine participants simultaneously, allowing you to highlight key contributors or panelists in large meetings.
  • Improved breakout rooms: Breakout rooms have received various enhancements, including the ability to schedule breakout sessions in advance, assign participants automatically, and rejoin specific breakout rooms.
  • Enhanced security features: Zoom has added new security features like meeting password complexity requirements and the ability to report suspicious activity.

Collaboration Tools

  • Whiteboard enhancements: The whiteboard has been improved with new annotation tools, shapes, and the ability to export whiteboard content as an image.
  • Non-verbal feedback reactions: You can now use emojis and hand gestures to provide non-verbal feedback during meetings, such as raising your hand or giving a thumbs up.
  • Improved file sharing: File sharing has been made easier with the ability to drag and drop files directly into the meeting chat.

Other improvements

  • Performance and stability enhancements: Zoom has made various improvements to the app's performance and stability, leading to a smoother meeting experience.
  • Bug fixes: The update also includes fixes for several known bugs.

Overall, Zoom Meetings for Android provides a number of useful new features and improvements that can enhance your meeting experience.


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